WARNING: This could be the most important information you will ever read about how to finally discover your life’s purpose and find true happiness nearly overnight.

"How Often Do You Find Yourself Wondering:
"What Is My Life Purpose?"
Now YOU Too Can

Awaken Your Life's Purpose

Quickly and Easily!"

If You Could Just Follow A Few Simple Steps - - - Just A Few - - - And Suddenly Experience A Lifting Of A Lifetime Of Struggle, Frustration, Worry, And Uncertainty About Your Direction In Life... Accompanied By A Flow of Peace of Mind, Happiness, Abundance, Love and Joy... Would You Want To At Least Learn More About It?

From: Valerie Dawson

Dear Friend, 

Are you still asking yourself, "Why am I here?"

By now, I bet it seems like you've tried lots of different ways to try to find out what your life purpose is...

  • You've read lots of books.

  • You've learned about "The Secret" 

  • You've tried meditating or praying.

  • You've done written exercises.

  • You've studied "The Law of Attraction."

  • You've talked about it.

  • You've listened to audio programs.

You've tried all sorts of ways, and yet why is it that you're still confused and unsure sure what your life purpose is?

Other People Are Already LIVING Their Life Purpose...

It doesn't seem fair... why is it that some people just seem to "know" what their purpose is, while most people never find their life purpose?

It seems like my friend Mary always knew what she wanted to do with her life. Even in high school she talked about becoming a pastry chef and eventually having her own bakery. After graduating high school, she was accepted into a prestigious culinary institute, and soon after completing the program, she became a pastry chef at a famous resort in California.

It was here that she met Eric, who happened to be the manager of the resort's four star restaurant. Eric and Mary fell in love and got married. It turns out that he had always known his purpose too - since he was a boy he had always wanted to own his own restaurant. He had decided to get some restaurant management experience under his belt before opening his own place.

Within three years of getting married, they had two beautiful daughters. Mary cut back her hours to part time so she could be there for the kids until they started school. During this time, Eric and Mary talked about their plans for opening up their own restaurant, featuring Mary's delicious desserts and pastries.

When the kids were both in grade school, Eric and Mary opened their restaurant. It was a big hit right from the start!

Now 20 years later, they have four restaurants within the area. They've streamlined their business so they get plenty of time off to travel and enjoy themselves. They both always seem SO happy. Mary tells me, "Sometimes I just have to pinch myself, I'm living my dream life and I'm so happy!" 

Worried That You'll Never Be Able To Find YOUR Life Purpose?

Perhaps you are having trouble believing that it's even possible for you find out what you are here to do.

Or maybe you see your current circumstances as brick walls that you just can't seem to break through.

Or perhaps you're concerned that you might be stuck forever exactly where you are.

If so, I ask you to set aside any feelings of doubt and skepticism for right now. 

Be willing to believe that your life DOES have meaning, and be open to the insights that are about to follow...

Why Don't I Already Know My Life Purpose?

It seems that some people just seem to "know" what their purpose is. But most of us don't have the luxury of this "knowing" - we have to figure it out for ourselves somehow.

Most of my clients believe they have a purpose but have no idea what it may be or how to find out. Maybe this is you too.

Can You Answer These Questions?

  • Have you ever felt like you were supposed to be doing more with your life?

  • Have you ever yearned to do what you love and make money at it?

  • Have you ever felt like your jobs haven't utilized your talents fully?

  • Do you yearn for greater meaning in your work and other activities?

  • Do you ever feel like you are wasting time on things that aren't important to you?

  • Do you desire to serve others in a bigger way but aren't sure how?

  • Has your daily routine become predictable and boring?

  • Do you ever wonder if "this is it"?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you're probably ready to discover greater meaning and purpose in your own life - whether you see it as awakening a pre-destined purpose or choosing one you want. Well now there is, and I'm about to reward you for reading this far by giving you a huge puzzle piece that's been out of your reach all this time, but first we need to take care of something very important:

Before you continue, read this critical warning:

The method you are about to discover will only work for people who are able to devote at least an hour a week to improving their life.

If you are perfectly happy with your life and feel that you can't spare this time, then do not read any further. The following information is only for those who are truly willing to do what it takes in order to discover their life purpose and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

OK you're still with me. That's great...

...because it's now time for you to discover...


How To Find True Happiness!

If you could poll everyone on the planet who believes they are living their true life purpose, I bet they would all say the same thing: "I'm so HAPPY!"

Everyone who dares to live their life purpose describes it along the lines of "coming home" or "doing what I was born to do." They do what matters most to them, they enjoy it fully, and it fits perfectly with the rest of their lives.

Rewards of Living Your Life Purpose

You may be surprised to discover just how rewarding a purposeful life can be!

Here are just a few of the other benefits:

Greater focus in your daily activities - rather than feeling adrift.

Increased discipline when it comes to productivity and achievement.

Passion and motivation! When was the last time you felt excited about your day?

Personal empowerment - being in control of your own life.

Meaning and fulfillment. Knowing that your life (and everything you do) matters.

Energy and vitality! Purposeful living energizes your mind, body and spirit.

Peace and contentment. Knowing you are exactly where you need to be.

I could go on and on, but these are probably the most notable benefits of living purposefully. If you've never felt strengthened, empowered or fulfilled by your activities before, you have definitely not discovered your purpose yet. Once you do, every moment of your life takes on greater meaning and passion - rather than seeming pointless and boring.

So Exactly How Do You Find Your Life Purpose?

"Finding" your purpose is a misleading concept because it's not something you have to go out and "get," but rather something you need to turn within and claim. You've already got it - even if you haven't consciously realized it yet. So you still need to "find" it in some sense. How do you do that?

Your life's purpose is already within you! All you need are the right tools to tap into your inner self to find your true purpose. And I have an easy and fast way for you to finally discover what you are here on this earth to do.... And find true happiness once and for all!

How Can You Help Me Find It?

My name is Valerie Dawson and I hold a bachelor's degree in psychology and a masters degree in clinical social work, or MSW for short. Unlike what some may think, this masters degree is very similar to a masters in psychology or counseling.

For the past 20 years I have been extensively studying advanced mind techniques, such as hypnotherapy, NLP, and brain wave technology.

I've spent thousands of hours studying how the brain works and how to help people to improve their lives. With my unique treatment methods, I have successfully helped thousands of people transform their lives with what I've named The Dawson Method.

But as you know, it's all about proof, and here it is:

Jeanette S Cates, PhD



"Your Voice Is Like Magic To Me"

I've listened to a lot of programs over the years, but yours stands out as the most soothing, most effective I've used. It's like magic!

Regardless of the pressures I'm facing, I can sit down for 20 minutes and listen to you - and awake with a whole new perspective! Thank you for sharing your gift.


Travis Anderson

Travis Anderson

Insurance Agency


"The Dawson Method audios Are Awesome! 
I Have No Doubt I'll Be Reaching My Goals This Year!"

My favorite program is the one called Quantum Goal Setting. It puts me in an environment to imagine my goals vividly. Because of these audios, I have no doubt I'll be reaching my goals this year. The Dawson Method audios are awesome!


I'm Ready To Find My Life Purpose!


Robin Diessner CRS, Broker/Owner
Intero Real Estate Services
Phoenix, AZ

"The Dawson Method Helped Me to Overcome My Obstacles To Success"

The Dawson Method has allowed me to overcome my own obstacles to success. Valerie has a terrific, soothing voice! "Treatment" with her is a lot like a refreshing nap! Through The Dawson Method techniques I was able to fundamentally change some of my core thoughts - resulting in many positive changes.


Gary Rich
Retired Civil Engineer


"I Highly Recommend The Dawson Method"

It worked great. I was real skeptical to begin with, but afterwards I really noticed the difference. I highly recommend The Dawson Method.


I'm Ready To Get Started!


Sharon Aggers

Medical Records

"The Only Thing That Ever Worked For Me... I Am So Happy!" 

All of the other methods I had tried over the years had failed to work for me. The Dawson Method was really different. I just closed my eyes and listened... it felt so very relaxing and calming. Now I am a success... The Dawson Method really DID work! I am so happy!


Tom Baker

Owner of Remodeling Company

"I've Been Very Successful With The Dawson Method"

I had tried numerous methods before without any success at all. The Dawson Method is really different. Now, thanks to The Dawson Method, I've been very successful!


I'm Ready To Discover My Life Purpose!


Heather Seitz



"In just 25 minutes, I was able

to change that attitude 180 degrees."

Thank you SO much, Val! I'd been distracted and frustrated all week. In just 25 minutes, I was able to change that attitude 180 degrees. I could literally feel myself getting more focused and 'excited' during the audio. I found myself sitting up straighter and smiling without even realizing it! Great job...



Cathy Barnes

Health Care Worker

The Dawson Method Made It A Piece Of Cake!

Before, The Dawson Method, I felt frustrated and angry that I wasn't able to have the life I had dreamed of. But The Dawson Method made it really easy. I had no experience with anything like this before so I didn't know what to expect. The audio session with Valerie was wonderful - very peaceful and relaxing. Now I have really changed my life for the better. The Dawson Method made it a piece of cake!


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Doug Reynolds
Construction Manager

"The Dawson Method Works!"

This is not like anything I've done before. You just close your eyes and relax while Valerie talks to you. After the session, I had a totally new feeling - almost a euphoric feeling. The other times I tried to change my habits it was so hard. With The Dawson Method, it was so much easier. It works!


James Casey

"The Copier Guy"

Regional Sales Manager

US Americom Business Systems, Inc. Scottsdale, AZ


"The Dawson Method Is A Great Tool To Focus Your Mind"

I love The Dawson Method audio on time management. I have been listening to it for over three weeks now almost every night. I would recommend it to anyone who would like a great tool for focusing their mind. Valerie's voice so tranquil and soothing, I am even finding that I am sleeping better.


I Want My Instant Downloads Now!


Christina Cave
Phoenix, AZ

"I Think Everyone Should Give It A Try - It Really Works!"

At first, I was skeptical about The Dawson Method, but I decided to give the audios a try. I was amazed! After just one session, I noticed real changes. I was thinking more positive and making good choices. I couldn't believe that anything could be so powerful so fast! I think everyone should give it a try - it really works!


Philip Heistand
Home Inspector


"Now I Feel 100% Confident!"

The session was very informative and I learned a lot. The Dawson Method wasn't what I was expecting; it felt very calm and relaxing. Now I feel 100% confident!


I'm Ready To Discover My Life Purpose!


Diane P.
Insurance Adjuster

The Dawson Method Is Amazing... It's Been So Easy For Me And I Feel Great!"

After just one session with The Dawson Method, I just knew that it worked. It is amazing... I never thought it could be so easy! I know that the changes I've made for the better will be with me for the rest of my life. It's been so easy for me and I feel great!


Devon Brown

'The Success Renegade'

"I Recommend The Dawson Method to All of My Clients!"


As an expert in the fields of MLM and internet marketing, I can tell you that I've listened to a lot of personal development audios in the past, and all they did was get me pumped up. but only for about a day! Then last summer my friend Valerie Dawson gave me some of her mind-programming audios, and WOW, are they different!


These Dawson Method audios are really cool! I feel like they've actually "retrained my brain" to be a super-achiever. I've noticed BIG improvements in my ability to stay focused and get a ton more done in less time. As a result, I've attracted more prospects, improved my sales skills, grown my team, and made a lot more money in my business!


If you want to get focused and build your business faster, I highly recommend Millionaire MLM Secrets! I've personally recommended this program for ALL of the 3,500 clients on my list. This program is awesome!


I'm Ready To Get Started!


Cindy Hansen
Tech Project Manager


"The Dawson Method Is Wonderful"

I was thinking it was going to be hard to change, but The Dawson Method made it very easy! I feel so positive and excited about my life now. I feel so positive and excited about my future now. I'm so happy I found The Dawson Method!


Jonathan Cronstedt


"After Using The Dawson Method...

I Know My Income Will Increase!"

Val, I had to write you after using the Dawson Method. My focus has increased ten fold and I am finally sleeping through the entire evening and waking up refreshed.

This new clarity and peace is priceless, and I know my income will increase as a direct result, a thousand thank-yous.


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Jan Adams

It Works - It Really Works! I Tell Everyone...

Don't ever think that The Dawson Method won't work for you because it will. It's not mind control - you are in complete control. It's very relaxing and it's so easy. It works - it really works! I tell everyone about it now. I thoroughly recommend The Dawson Method to anyone who wants to improve their life.


Tortina Bunton,

Priorities 1st
Bookkeeping & Personal Financial Coaching

"The Dawson Method Helped Me Manage My Time Better"

Being a new business owner with a family and other activities always going on, it was very hard for me to get a grasp on managing my time. After listening to The Dawson Method audio on time management, I began to put things into perspective.

The audio helped me to relax and become very focused on strategies for managing my time better. I would like to thank Valerie for helping me to de-stress and refocus my energy on maximizing my business success. Thank you!


I'm Ready To Discover My Life Purpose!


Ernest Wilson

"Now I Feel Confident That I Can Be Successful"

Before The Dawson Method, I had been unsuccessful. But now I feel confident that I can be successful. When you are ready to improve your life, The Dawson Method this is a great way to go.


Diann Draeger

Hair Stylist


"Valerie's Dawson Method Audios Are Fantastic

- They Have Increased My Business"


I was looking for an extra boost in my business, so I started using The Dawson Method audios. I love listening to them - they are fantastic. They have really helped me to increase my business!


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Frances Salazar


"The Best Thing Is That It Really Worked!"

I Was So Relaxed And Comfortable During The Session. It felt really good. But the best thing is that it really worked!


Curtis Johnson

Curtis Johnson Realty

"I love The Dawson Method!"

I've been using The Dawson Method for a few months now and these audios have really helped me to stay positive as I move forward in my business. 

Even with the real estate market being in a downward spiral, my sales have never been higher; I'm breaking records each month. I know that your Dawson Method products have really helped me to stay focused on my goals. I love The Dawson Method!



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Stephanie Brinkop
Art Therapist

"Thanks For Being An Essential Component Of My New Life"

Valerie, I just wanted to send you a great big thanks for being an essential component of my new life. I am a much happier individual as a result of The Dawson Method. You do great work, thanks again!


Stephen J. Rosenbaum



"Your products are incredible,

and I listen to them all the time."

Hello, This is "That Web Marketing Guy, Stephen J. Rosenbaum". Imagine how successful you can be if you can get your prospects to close their eyes and see what you see, hear what you hear, and literally picture themselves using and enjoying your product to make them feel happy, eliminate pain, make more money, or achieve whatever outcome your product can deliver. As sales and marketing person, I have used NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, for years in my speaking and writing. Last year, I asked Valerie Dawson to help me achieve my personal and my professional goals. Her products are incredible, and I listen to them all the time.


I Want My Instant Downloads Now!


Shelley Garrett

"Valerie's Audios Helped Me To Be Much Happier!"

I listened to Val's audios and they have really helped me to manage my stress level, focus my energy, and make a lot more money in my business.

I am MUCH happier with my life now thanks to The Dawson Method.



The Dawson Method Is The Best Way To Find Your Life Purpose!

Have a look at this Iceberg. Where is most of it?

That's right, about 90% of the Iceberg is deep below the surface ...

Now in some ways, your brain is similar to an iceberg.

The 90% of the iceberg deep below the surface is where all the information is that you have been searching for. All the wisdom and the "knowing" about what you were put on this earth to do is right here! Inside this part deep within are all the keys to your success, happiness, and abundant life!

Most Tools Just Tap The Tip Of The Iceberg

The methods that you've been using to try to have a happier life just aren't tools that work very well in penetrating the tip of the iceberg to access all the rich wisdom deep within. Books, seminars, self-help programs, therapy, and meditation are just ineffective little tools.

Using tools like these is just like trying to reach the iceberg below by tapping on the top of the iceberg with a small shovel. It could take years and years of shoveling 24-7 to even reach the iceberg below!

So when you are using your other self-help tools, such as your other audios or books ... well, you are just trying to hammer away at that ice aren't you? You are trying discover the real you by "tapping" the surface.

No wonder you're asking, "Why can't I find my life purpose?" 

The Dawson Method Is Like A Laser-Targeted,

Supersonic Guided Missile

My new Life Purpose Revealed audio program gives you the ability to communicate directly with this part of your mind, the place where ALL of the information about your life purpose that you are seeking is kept. Finally, all the answers to your life that you've been looking can easily be found here!

My audios will put you in the correct brain wave state so that you can bypass all of the conscious "junk thoughts" that get in the way of you discovering what you are here to do. You'll be able to access all your wisdom and knowing deep within ... safely, easily & effortlessly.

You've been asking the right questions, but you haven't gotten the answers because you didn't have the correct tool.

Life Purpose Revealed IS right tool to discover your true roadmap for a happier life!

Now, you'll finally have an answer to that important question, "What is my life purpose?"

Your Dreams CAN Come True!

Living a fulfilling life of joy doesn't have to be wishful thinking... it can very much be your reality with the help of Life Purpose Revealed. 

With The Dawson Method's Life Purpose Revealed, you will bypass the "busy" mind, and tap into your powerful "deeper" mind the place where you already have all the answers to the questions about your life that you are seeking.

With the "Life Purpose Revealed" audios, this is finally possible for you! You can find your inner "calling." And realizing your life purpose can actually be a comfortable and enjoyable process!

It's so simple.

I Know You Have A Lot Of Questions... Here Are Some I Often Hear...

"Is This Some Kind Of Mind Control?"

No. I did NOT get this information from a meeting on a mountaintop with a wise old magic wizard.

My method is very natural, but it does have many elements from psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP, and new brain wave technology.

Let me put it this way. If you like guided visualization or hypnosis, the Life Purpose Revealed audios are even better and more powerful. But if you're not into that kind of thing, you will love the audios because they are different.

These audios are designed to simply put your mind and body into a comfortable state of relaxation. When you are in this brain wave state of relaxation, your mind "opens" (just like it used to be open when you were a child). In this state of mind, your brain is open to receiving new, positive suggestions.

"How Do I Use The Life Purpose Revealed Program?"

You'll simply find a place where you can relax without being disturbed and close your eyes. While you are listening, you will be aware of everything around you. It is a very familiar feeling; in fact, we all go in and out of similar states of relaxation throughout the day. So you will not feel like you are in any altered state, you will just feel calm and relaxed.

"Will I Go Into Some Kind Of Altered State?"

No, it's not like that. In fact you will have complete control and can at any time stop the audio to attend to something else if need be.

Some people worry that I will be able to put things in their mind that they don't want or take things out of their mind that they want to keep. Not to worry. Your brain protects you completely.

Your brain will not allow any suggestions to go into your mind, or be removed from your mind, unless you WANT that to happen. The point I am making is that your brain hears ANYTHING that you disagree with, it will be filtered out by the deeper structures of your unconscious mind your ethics, morals, values, and beliefs.

Click Here To Find Your Life Purpose

"Won't This Take A Lot Of Time?"

No, all you need to do is listen to an audio for just 20 minutes, three times a week. The audios will guide you, helping you to tap into the power of your deeper mind, where your life purpose will become clear to you.

"Are There Any Possible Harmful Effects?"

No. The audios are completely safe, and there are no negative side effects whatsoever. However, a "positive" side effect of listening to my audios is that clients tell me that they sleep a lot better!

I'm Ready To Get Started!

"What if I Can't Just Sit and Relax?" 

No problem. Some people worry that the Life Purpose Revealed audios won't work for them because they have difficulty relaxing due to ADD or certain medications. You don't even have to sit still. You don't even have to pay attention to what you are hearing. Just sit somewhere comfortable and close your eyes... anyone can do it!

"Well, it Works for Other People, But Will it Work for Me?"

Yes. Some people worry about this because they've tried hypnosis or other self-improvement audio programs that didn't work very well. I'm here to tell you that Life Purpose Revealed is different! It is designed so that you cannot fail.

It will definitely work for you. That is, if you are willing and able to close your eyes and sit somewhere comfortable for 20 minutes, three times a week. If so, you too can succeed! I promise!

Click Here Now For Instant Download

"Could It Be Too Late For Me?"

Never! This program is perfect for any stage in their life. No matter what your age, it's never too late to find your life purpose!

"What If I Don't Like The Answers?"

Your life purpose will ALWAYS utilize your greatest passions, talents and interests. That means that discovering your purpose and fulfilling your life purpose can ONLY bring you joy! No exceptions.

Does that inspire a little sigh of relief for you? It should.



Life Purpose Revealed Audios Work for Everyone—That Means YOU!

That is, if you are willing to make the time to set aside a total of an hour a week. Soon, you'll find that you simply begin realize what you were put on this earth to do. You'll just naturally have a "knowing" inside you. And you'll also have lots of creative ideas too on how to live your purpose once you know exactly what it is!

The Life Purpose Revealed program works. It works for anyone... all you have to do is set aside 20 minutes a day. Worth it? Well, that's something that only you can decide.

As they said in The Matrix, I can show you the door, but you have to walk through it.

I am here to tell you, it's not hard to discover what your life purpose is with my program. Life Purpose Revealed makes it EASY. It WORKS, and it will work for YOU!

This program, quite simply, will take you from Point A to Point B faster and easier than any other self-help tool you've ever tried.

This complete audio set will take you by the hand, guiding you step-by-step to easily and effortlessly visualize exactly the life that will bring you true joy, happiness and abundance.

It is so easy, that with just 20 minutes a day, you'll begin to manifest your desires. In fact, it will happen for you so quickly, it will seem like magic! I guarantee it!

Just Imagine... YOU Living The Life You Were Born To Live...

What if you could finally find your life purpose? Imagine the following:

  • Being so enthusiastic about your life that you awaken each morning looking forward to another wonderful day enthusiastic about what lies ahead.

  • Knowing in your heart that you are doing exactly what you were put on this earth to do

  • Feeling loved by those around you

  • Having an abundance of money to buy whatever makes your heart sing

  • Having more time and freedom to do the things you really want to do

  • Feeling the sheer joy of knowing that you are "following your bliss"

After Listening To Life Purpose Revealed, You'll...

  • Stop doing what you don't like and start doing what really makes you happy!

  • Easily create life circumstances that are perfectly suited to who you are

  • Move from emptiness to complete fulfillment and contentment! 

  • Transform your boring life into to a life filled with passion and excitement!

  • Move away from aimlessness into unbridled joy and beyond! 

  • Claim the wealth and abundance that you desire and deserve!

The Life Purpose Revealed Audios...

Meditation Audio 1:

"Open to Your Purpose" (Retail Value $200)

"Look and you will find it - what is unsought will go undetected." - Sophocles

This meditation is designed to help you awaken to your true purpose in life. Not just the physical form your purpose takes, but rather the ESSENCE of the person behind the purpose; YOU. Your authentic self, the person you were born to be. Awakening this part of yourself will shine a light on the unique gifts you have to share with the world.


Meditation Audio 2:

"Clear Limiting Beliefs" (Retail Value $200)

"Never giving up and pushing forward will unlock all the potential we are capable of." - Christy Borgeld

Awakening to your life purpose can be a powerful, life-changing experience, but you may still find yourself vacillating back and forth between inspiration and limiting beliefs. This meditation will help you to release fear and doubt and adopt a new mind-set of empowerment and faith.


Meditation Audio 3:

"Imagine Your New Life" (Retail Value $200)

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Now that you have begun to reconnect with your authentic self and identify and clear your limiting beliefs, you are ready to begin using another powerful tool that can help clarify your purpose; visualization. This meditation will help you to paint a clearer picture of what your life will look like when you are living your purpose more fully.


Meditation Audio 4:

"Overcome Challenges" (Retail Value $200)

"A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for." – William Shedd

Obstacles and challenges usually come along with any goal or endeavor, and the goal of fulfilling your life purpose will be no different. However, rather than becoming intimidated by challenges, this meditation will help you to release your fear and change your perception of obstacles and therefore easily overcome them.


Meditation Audio 5:

"Let Your Heart Lead You" (Retail Value $200)

"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up." - Paul Valery

This meditation is going to help you to get in touch with your own inner guidance and wisdom. The audio will awaken your intuition and teach you how to easily decipher the messages from within, your true self, through bodily signals and mental insights. Soon you'll be following your heart and doing what you love!

Now What Would You Pay To Finally Be Happy?

What's it worth to you to have in your hands a powerful set of my new Life Purpose Revealed audios?

What would you be willing to pay to find true happiness and fulfillment simply by relaxing and listening for 20 minutes, 3 days a week?

What is it worth to you if you could finally create the abundant life you've always wanted, quickly and easily?

What if you were truly doing what you LOVE to do... and making good money at the same time?

Let's do the math. Clients who visit me for private sessions pay $375 per session.

This means they'll pay a total of $1,000 to $5,000 to reach all their goals.

Now don't get me wrong, this is a bargain considering what they achieve and how effective I am, and they know it.

Fortunately for you though, you don't have to pay anywhere near this to achieve the same results as my private clients.

Plus, with my Life Purpose Revealed program you have the best of both worlds. You get the same quality sessions without having to travel to my office. All of your insights will be accomplished in the comfort of your own home!

Quite Frankly, I Should Charge $1,000 For This Program

These audios retail for $200 each; for a total of $1,000.00. But since this is a brand new program, I am eager to hear your success story! Therefore, I'll give you a fast start with this one-time offer. Purchase all 5 audios now and save over nine hundred dollars!

Instead of the usual $1,000.00 you would pay if you purchased each audio separately, today you can purchase them all for a measly $97!

Hold On... I've Got More Just For You! 
Order In The Next 24 Hours For These FIVE Extra Bonuses!


Bonus Meditation Audio 1:

"Positive Encouragement" (Retail Value $200)

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

Many of us have formed a habit of speaking negatively to ourselves on a daily basis. We berate ourselves when we make mistakes, and talk ourselves out of doing and being more with pessimistic expectations. One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself is create an inner ally that will continuously build you up and encourage you as you move along the path to your life purpose. This meditation will walk you through a simple process for creating your inner ally.


Bonus Meditation Audio 2:

"Partner with the Universe" (Retail Value $200)

"Learn what you are, and be such." - Pindar

This meditation is designed to demonstrate clearly that you do not have to do everything yourself as you work toward actualizing your life purpose. In fact, it's often better to move through each day with an attitude of surrender and trust, and your journey will be much smoother if you form a conscious partnership with the universe.


Bonus Meditation Audio 3:

"You Deserve Abundance" (Retail Value $200)

"Do what you love, the money will follow." - Marsha Sinetar

As you move along the journey to your life purpose, you may experience moments of doubt or disbelief that you deserve all of the wondrous gifts the universe wants to shower upon you. You may hold limiting beliefs that it is better to give than receive, or even a belief that you do not have anything worthwhile to share with others. This meditation will help you to open your mind and heart to the gifts and blessings you can offer the world, as well as the many rewards that will come flowing back to you as you do so.


Bonus Meditation Audio 4:

"Live Your Dream Life" (Retail Value $200)

"Life is a promise; fulfill it." - Mother Theresa

If you suspect there could be more to life than what you're getting, this audio will unlock your hidden potential. This meditation combines all of the wonderful insights you have received from the previous meditations. It will help you to uncover the inner vision so you can begin living your life purpose now. Stop waiting for luck, and start creating it yourself!


Special Bonus:

"Discovering Your Life Purpose" Guidebook (Retail Value $50)

"Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice."

This simple step-by-step guidebook is your blueprint for a happy and purposeful life!

Inside, you'll:

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  • Uncover what is most important to you

  • Discover ways to fulfill your life purpose

  • Learn how to share your gifts and talents

  • Prepare for challenges you may face

  • Find out how to make money living your purpose


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P.S. Consider this quote from Nelson Mandela's inaugural address, written by Marianne Williamson

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that frightens us. Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us".

P.P.S. Ponder for a moment Henry David Thoreau's quote: "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them".

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